The World’s First | GoMore Unveils a Revolutionary AI Coach for Weight Control with XTERRA, Dyaco

GoMore will debut its bleeding edge AI Coach system alongside XTERRA, Dyaco group at 2020 ISPO Munich Exhibition at Messe München exhibition ground, Germany from Jan 26-29, 2020.

The backbone of XTERRA’s smarts to provide tailored exercise routines to consumers is GoMore’s AI Coach System. By combining physiological data and diet training-based methodology to build personalized stamina models tailored to each individual, GoMore’s AI Coach gives its users guidance according to the weight loss goals they set for themselves. Acting as a private coach that’s always there, the AI Coach will provide a personalized schedule when it calculates various training variables such as exercise intensity, duration, frequency and rest time, which in turn optimizes trainer performance, calorie burn rate, and weight loss.

With XTERRA’s fitness equipment integrated with GoMore’s AI Coach, users can now monitor in real-time their physiological data, including how much stamina they have remaining, and aerobic/anaerobic training effects to make sure they are on the right track. The AI Coach system can also automatically change the incline and speed of XTERRA’s treadmills automatically based on the training sessions it suggests. Furthermore, users can set up and check all workout calendars remotely to get a more holistic view of their training progress anytime with just their mobile devices.

“GoMore AI coach thinks like a real coach. Instead of traditional physiological estimation, we developed our unique stamina model to classify users’ capabilities and helped optimize every single training session by controlling long-term fatigue.” said Hsin-Fu Kuo, CEO of GoMore.

As the core technology of the stamina model, the patented Stamina Algorithm came from an experimental project that GoMore and a world-class research team at the East Tennessee State University has collaborated with. After three years on the project, GoMore got its validation from presenting two peer-reviewed posters at the American College of Sports Medicine conference. Based on sports science and exercise physiology, the stamina model measures physiological response during training and then generates a personalized stamina model that lets GoMore AI Coach calculate users’ stamina reserves in real time.

Come and experience this pioneering technology at XTERRA, Dyaco’s booth at booth 218 in hall A6, ISPO Munich Exhibition. GoMore’s AI solution will be exhibited to showcase this comprehensive solution in this new era of training.

Experience the GoMore AI Coach :