Privacy Protection Policy

Welcome to the official website as well as the hardware and software services of products (the website and the services collectively the “SERVICES”) of BOMDIC INC. (the “COMPANY”). For your understanding of all kinds of our services and information, we hereby explain the COMPANY’s Privacy Protection Policy (the “Policy”) to you to protect you interests. Please read the content as below:

I. The Applicable Scope of this Privacy Protection Policy

  1. From now on, the COMPANY will no longer directly provide any products to end customers or accept any personal information provided directly via the SERVICES from any new end customers. This Policy shall be applicable only to the existent customers (the “you”) who had obtained the SERVICES directly from the COMPANY and have continuously been providing the personal information via the SERVICES to the COMPANY. The COMPANY keeps the right to cancel the SERVICES and the Policy at any time.
  2. The Policy will take effect from the date it is published and be the supplements to all the prior conditions (if any), including but not limited to the user agreement, the service policy, and the prior versions of privacy protection policy, where any clauses therein contradicting the Policy shall be replaced hereby. You must agree this Policy to keep using the SERVICES, and your continued using of the SERVICES will be deemed as your assent to the Policy. If you dissent, you must stop using this SEVICES.
  3. The content of the Privacy Protection Policy will apply to how the COMPANY process the personal identifiable data we collected when you access the SERVICES. The Privacy Protection Policy will not apply to the related software or hardware other than the SERVICES though linked thereto, nor to any personnel entrusted or managed by anyone except the COMPANY.

II. Purpose, Scope and Usage of Collection of Personal Data

  1. The personal data we collect from our official website will be used for the specific purpose described upon the collection. For more information of purpose, target and timing of usage of the personal data collected via our official website, please refer to the content of the related web pages. The COMPANY will not use the personal data beyond such purpose.
  2. To provide you with the best interactive service and to customize your personal healthy records by our products and services, the COMPANY will automatically collect all the related personal data generated from you when you utilize the SERVICES, which comprises:
    • All kinds of personal and technical data you provided regarding you and your body, including but not limited to name, e-mail address, contact information, emergency contact, electrocardiogram or the related information based on technical algorithms, locations, and the way and time of usage, which the COMPANY will retain through the interactive function while you use the SERVICES, submit your information, measure your physical status;
    • The courses, which are recorded automatically in the server(s) as references for us to improve the SERVICES while you use such, including but not limited to IP address, time, location, device, browser, history of browsing and clicking on your Internet device; and
    • Statistics on and analysis of the information collected for us to provide precise service.
  3. The COMPANY may use your personal data and history of usage for the purpose of marketing and market analysis, and inform you of all kinds of information regarding the COMPANY’s products, services, promotions, discounts and events. You may reach us via the contact information to stop receiving any of the COMPANY’s marketing / discount information if you would like to do so, and we will cease to send such information to you promptly.
  4. We will cooperate with courts, prosecutors, police departments or any other authorities who request us to provide your personal data under the law, orders, judgements, measures or any other legal investigation processes. We will also use your personal data according to the law when to avoid any danger to your life, body, freedom or property, or for necessities of statistics or research of governmental or academic institutions according to public interests.
  5. The COMPANY may provide your personal data to a third-party supplier (the “Supplier”) for the necessities of the original purpose of the collection and the SERVICES when we have the Supplier to provide any parts of the SERVICES. To fulfil our promise to protect your privacy, we will urge the Supplier to follow the Policy and make sure that the Supplier will obey the law for personal data protection.
  6. The COMPANY may collect, process and use your personal data by international transfers, electronic methods or manpower within the located countries or regions of the COMPANY or the Supplier during the COMPANY’s business operation or the legal term of keeping. You may decide freely whether to provide your personal data to us. However, the COMPANY may not provide you with the SERVICES in whole or in any parts if you decide to provide incomplete or none of your personal data to us.
  7. The official categories of the purposes of personal information collection as mentioned above include: 040 Marketing; 063 Non-governmental institution’s collection, process and usage of personal data under its legal duty; 069 Affairs of contracts, quasi-contracts and other legal relationship; 081 Legal trading business of personal data; 090 Consumer and account management and service; 091 Consumer protection; 098 Commercial and technical information; 135 Information (communication) service; 136 Information (communication) and database management; 148 Online shopping and other e-commerce service; 152 Management of advertising and commercial behavior; 157 Survey, statistics and research analysis; and 181 Other business operations complied with its business categories registered or charters.
  8. The official categories of the personal data as mentioned above include: C001 Identifiable to individual; C002 Identifiable to finance; C003 Identifiable in governmental documentation; C011 Individual description; C012 Physical description; and C034 Travel and other migration details.

III. Data Protection

  1. Our SERVICES’ hosts are all equipped with firewall, antivirus system and other related information security equipment and necessary security protection measures, along with protection software and strict protection measures for your personal information. Only authorized personnel can access to your personal information, and all the related personnel shall sign their non-disclosure agreement. For anyone who violates the confidential obligation will be punished according to the law.
  2. For any business necessary to have a third party to provide service, the COMPANY will not disclose personal information, strictly request the third party to obey the confidential obligation and adopt necessary investigation procedure to make certain of its compliancy.

IV. Utilization and Policy of Cookies

  1. To provide a better, more personalized service, and for your convenience to join personalized interactive activities, the COMPANY collects your browsing and searching data generated on our website through cookies. Cookies are some short information written into users’ hard drive by browser for server to distinguish different favors of users. You may adjust your acceptance level of cookies in the settings of browser to one of the three levels, including: accept all cookies, receive notice about cookies setting, or deny all cookies.
  2. In addition, for better experience when you are browsing our website, the COMPANY will record your visits to analyze the population of visitors, ordinary users’ mode as well as yours, and may utilize a third party’s technique to investigate the website traffic and your other activities on our website, or do so through a third party, to (1) collect more data about our website visitors, comprising user distribution, activities and modes; (2) produce more precise reports; and (3) increase efficiency of the COMPANY’s marketing. The third party will organize and provide the data collected to the COMPANY. Nevertheless, no identifiable personal data of your identity will be provided to or received from the third party by the COMPANY through such investigation.

V. Rights to Withdraw and Delete Data

  1. We provide you with options about collecting, using and sharing your “personal data”. You may opt in to receive our promotive information when you use the SERVICES. You may declare to stop receiving our further promotive information, i.e., following the instruction of cancelation of subscription provided in the email you received or contact us via directly. However, we may still email you notice of update on the “User Agreement” and “Privacy Protection Policy” even when you have notified your email preference.
  2. If you would like to discontinue the SERVICES, you may request the COMPANY to stop colleting, processing or using, and to delete your personal data.
  3. During the term you use the SERVICES, please contact us directly if you would like to modify or supplement your personal data.

VI. External Hyperlink

The SERVICES may provide hyperlinks to other Internet resources. You may click to access into other software or webpages through the hyperlinks the SERVICES provide. However, the software or webpages through such hyperlinks are not subject to the Privacy Protection Policy of the SERVICES. You have to refer to the privacy policy of such software or webpages.

VII. Promise of Privacy Protection

To secure your personal data, the COMPANY has circulated the privacy and security standards as mentioned above to our internal employees and strictly executed the measures of privacy protection within the COMPANY.

VIII. Amendment to and Effect on the Privacy Protection Policy

The Policy of the COMPANY will be amended from time to time when necessary, and the amendments hereto will be published on our website. It will be deemed as your consent to the COMPANY’s Policy and all its possible amendments when you begin to use the SERVICES; if you refuse to consent, the COMPANY may stop to provide related services, and such refusal may affect your user experience when using the products of GoMore.

IX. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

For any issues not addressed herein, the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan) shall apply. Any disputes arising out of the Policy between you and the COMPANY shall be consulted in good faith and, if litigated, Taiwan Taipei District Court shall have the jurisdiction thereover.