Exclusive Technical Cooperation between CISS and GoMore: to Formulate Comprehensive Standards on Sports Science and Build a New Sports Science Ecosystem

December 9, 2019

The China Institute of Sport Science (CISS) and GoMore held a cooperation signing ceremony and press conference in the research institute. According to the Outline for Building a Leading Sports Nation released this year, CISS and GoMore will jointly develop sports sciencerelated product development standards and national sports promotion programs in order to promote sports science research.

Picture 1: Guests holding the signing board for the exclusive technical cooperation signing ceremony

In the market, most sports devices only provide simple health and training analyses, making it difficult for users to understand how they can improve future training sessions as well as their health condition during training sessions. Thus, there exists an important incentive to have technology that can better understand our individual fitness while exercising. Dr. Guo, CEO of GoMore, said, “GoMore has developed an exclusive stamina model to analyze users’ capabilities and accurately optimize each training session. Based on the stamina model, AI motion data can also provide personalized training guidance and programs so that users can achieve their goals.”

Dr. Guo, CEO of GoMore

Both parties stated that this partnership consists of two directions: research and development. In research, GoMore’s professional sports algorithm and sports related knowledge will be professionally verified, tested and developed by CISS. In development, GoMore’s sports physiological indicators and AI coaching functions will work with CISS to promote sports science and innovative sports products. During the cooperation, the two parties will carry out comprehensive exchanges to achieve mutual development with their respective experiences in sports science, technology, achievements, and practice.

After the signing ceremony, the two sides stated that they will both deepen sports science research, with more comprehensive sports-related product standards, national sports promotion programs, and physical fitness monitoring standards. In order to empower related industries with a new sports science ecosystem, they will jointly promote the utilization of sports physiological indicators, AI coaching and transform their research results into industrialized and popular applications.