About Us

GoMore was founded in 2011, by a group of sports enthusiasts and data scientists, with high interests in understanding sports performance. We conducted research experiments and further developed algorithms to monitor personal stamina level, which was verified by sports scientists at the East Tennessee State University. This stamina algorithm was later considered one of the top wearables by TIME Magazine in 2014. In addition, the validation result was presented at The Annual American College of Sports Medicine Conference in 2017.

GoMore aims to integrate scientific training feedback with user experience to help users comprehend their training effectiveness. We also work with well-known top sports coaches to develop the AI coach system for users to provide training guide and understand better of their physiological response after training.

Via innovative algorithms corresponding with sophisticated biological signals, we can continuously measure user’s condition and provide a real-time stamina level. Moreover, we provide scientific-based information for users to monitor their health condition. Last but not least, the AI coach is always there to help users to unleash their full potential to break through their limits.