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Our precise sport solutions are sophisticated algorithms based on sports science, which were validated and verified by world-class sports scientists and institutions.

Coach and Physiologist of Olympic athletes
GoMore AI Coach resembles a real coach: it provides training load suggestions and monitors fatigue status based on physical condition and training progression. In addition, the training system also helps users understand their fitness level and performance potential.​
Kimitake Sato, Ph.D.
Olympic athletic trainer
Physical training involves time, effort, and dedication with complex processes to achieve goals. Thus, it is never easy to monitor and make progress in sports performance. I believe only GoMore's stamina model and comprehensive AI Coach system can genuinely meet the needs of athletes and bring athletes to the next level.​
Chiang Liu, Ph.D.
The "Endurance Conditioning Management System" developed by GoMore helps users achieve their goals by improving training effect, enhancing sport performance, and minimizing risk of injury to embrace exercise, health, and wellness. This system takes acute and chronic training load into consideration and provides users the most suitable training program to not only challenge their fitness limitation but also effectively reduce risk of injury via precise exercise intensity and recovery calculation.​

GoMore aims to improve quality of life worldwide and create incomparable user experience with customers


The AI Stamina Model Reflects "How You Feel"

GoMore monitors user's physical status in real time , provide real-time training guidance, and assist users to optimize their training program.


A 24/7 AI coach

Our AI coach can incorporate multiple platforms to enhance users' experience. It is just like having a personal trainer always be there for you.

Comprehend each individual’s aerobic and anaerobic capability

GoMore accurately provides real-time aerobic and anaerobic indices on physical exertion. A high-intensity workout relies more on anaerobic metabolism, whereas a low to moderate endurance exercise session majorly uses the aerobic energy system. Through continuously monitoring user’s physical response, the GoMore algorithm can reveal an overall energy expenditure after each workout session.

Real-time Instruction base on physical perception

GoMore’s personalized stamina model can continuously detect users’physiological responses during training and reflect on the stamina deduction in real-time.

Lactate threshold heart rate

During a continuously endurance exercise, once the speed or intensity reaches to a point that causes exponential increase of lactate accumulation, it is defined as critical speed or output. When exercise intensity is above the threshold, the lactate production is then building up during workout and further leads to fatigue.

VO2 max

The maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max, unit: ml/kg/min) is an important marker to indicate cardiorespiratory and aerobic fitness. When VO2max improves, it implies the body can deliver oxygen to the working muscle more efficiently during exercise. For example, for males in their 40s, VO2max > 42.2 is considered good, whereas <38.4 is low.

Break through personal record

GoMore AI Coach emphasizes on sports performance enhancement and competition performance.

Set up goal aims to improve in marathon running performance guided by GoMore AI coach.

In previous, A user relied on blogs or websites to obtain training-related information. In addition, he monitored his training progression by subjective feeling. By using systematic GoMore AI coach and personalized training program with real data analysis, he was able to improve almost 8 minutes in marathon running after 28 weeks of training.

Stamina level and predicted sports performance tread

Week 1-13: Week 1-13 aimed to improve base of strength and conditioning, skeletal muscle endurance, and running economy.


Week 14-28: Week 14-28 aimed to monitor training load and recovery, half-marathon test, race pace practice, peaking and tapering.

Weight-management coaching plan

Based on your availability and weight management goal, the GoMore AI coach can provide a customized training program to help you reach your goals with minimized risk of injury. A 43 years old male user successfully lost 8 kg after a 12-week AI coach plan via cycling.

In the first four weeks: AI coach set an incremental goal for conditioning and cardiorespiratory fitness foundation.


From week 5th to 8th: AI coach suggested a goal with 1500 Kcal calories burning per week to reduce his weight and fat mass.


During week 9th to 12th: AI coach advised an increase of intensity and training volume to facilitate calorie-burning efficiency. After the 12-weeks weight management program, he successfully lost 8 kg without injury incidents.

Fitness improvement plan for beginners

How can a beginner finish a 3k run? Our personalized plans help improve your fitness level and guide you to reach your 3-k goal.

Aim to improve fitness level and finish 3-k run

User B never participated in any structured exercise program, nor did he have exercise regularly. He wants to improve his fitness via exercise, but he did not know how to start his exercise program and avoid injury.

Stamina level and weekly accumul running time

The AI coach system suggested an 8-week progressive training program by gradually increasing exercise time and volume. It consisted of three phases, which are base phase, volume phase, and interval phase. The main goal of each phase is as follows:

Base phase (week 1-3): build up basic strength and conditioning, increase user’s motivation, and injury prevention.


Volume phase (week4-6): not only maintaining training intensity, but also gradually increase training time to improve endurance capacity.


Interval phase (week 7-8): maintain training volume and incorporate a few high intensity sessions. Moreover, avoid overtraining and applied tapering prior 3-k run test.。

Personalized heart rate zone

Your training program has to fit in your goal. Training could be a waste if you set up your exercise intensity incorrectly. Luckily, we have GoMore AI coach that corporate personal heart rate reserve and fitness level to generate personalized heart rate zones. This allows users to achieve their goals even they might have different fitness levels.

Training effect

Resting heart rate, VO2max and maximum heart rate are important indicators for training programs. GoMore training effect index integrates user’s performance, multiple indicators, fatigue, as well as training load information at the end of each session to help the users keep track on their progress.

Personalized training load

Adequate training is the key to reach your best performance. Through understanding your training duration, heart rate zones, intensity distribution, physical stress, and recovery, GoMore AI coach can assist you with a personalized training plan to reach your targets.


By understanding the relationship between your training volume and recovery time, GoMore AI Coach can optimize your workout frequency and intensity with lowering risks of fatigue and injury.

Stamina level

Stamina level is your physical capability to complete a certain workout.

Performance prediction

Based on the stamina level, GoMore can predict your performance in different distance-based goals (e.g. 5k, 10k, 21k, 42k).


Functional threshold power (FTP) is one of the most important indicators in cycling performance. It represents an hour of maintenance at the highest power output without accumulation of fatigue.

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